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Currently, the best player on the server is: Eusaro (rank 66 level 254 [1574]). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome to SolusOT: Reborn http://www.solusot.com/ Balance update 1.0 has landed! Dark Elves have revealed themselves North of Werewolf Mountain! PVP exp and Medal exp fixed! Buy NEW cupie items! Rule update: Do not bypass the leveling cap via orbs, etc.! New Years Update is HERE!

Mar 29 2014 17:17:22 - Minion - The Card Game!
We're proud to announce a brand new project from the creator of SolusOT!


Minion is an epic and hilarious strategy card game that can be played with up to 4 of you and your friends!

Minion will be launching a Kickstarter on April 11th!

Check out the website at http://www.playminion.com/

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Feb 16 2014 12:04:58 - Balance 2.0!
The first in a series of extensive balance changes, we wanted to share a little bit of what to expect!

All spells and skills for the entire game have had their formulas rewritten. Most mage/druid spells should have similar damage, however all weapon-based spells should deal drastically more damage.

Why make this change?

Weapon-user spells have been severely underpowered for a long time. Because of that, we've had to focus power into their autoattacks. It's not fun when your spells deal pitiful damage and the entire game revolves around right-clicking.

Since the spells are dealing so much more, we are toning back the autoattacks a fair amount. You'll notice overall weaker autoattacks with much stronger spells, and probably a DPS boost overall.

Let's talk mages though.

Mages have had a few problems - they're a bit too mana intensive, and the best spells are extremely expensive. We're toning back the mana cost on all Ultimate Explosion spells from 15% to 10%, which should provide a huge boost for mages trying to AOE down areas.

We're also working on wand damage, which has been very underwhelming. We fixed a bug where ranks weren't applying fully to wand damage and we increased the magic-level ratio on damage. In addition, we added the ability to crit with wand damage and made the crit multiplier a whopping 300%! Overall these changes will provide significantly better damage for mages.

Last but not least, medals are an important new part of gameplay. We're making some adjustments to medals to buff characters using them, but reduce the experience they give. Medals will no longer reduce healing at all, but they will give slightly less experience: 400/300/200%.
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Feb 01 2014 10:55:05 - Monster Updates
We recently substantially increased the experience gains of all players of all levels. As part of our balancing effort, we are reducing the experience of some of the high-end monsters and rebalancing other stats to promote more diversity in hunting areas.

* Dark Torturer health has been increased from 37350 to 47350
* Grim Reaper healing has been increased by roughly 4x
* Blightwalker health has been increased from 45000 to 49000
* Destroyer armor has been increased from 35 to 75 and health has been increased from 33000 to 36000
* Nightmare armor has been increased from 75 to 110 and experience has been reduced from 19150 to 17150
* Nightstalker experience has been reduced from 30500 to 22500
* Bird of Paradise health has been increased from 18000 to 19000 and now has a new attack
* Vampire Lord has a much stronger lifedrain and experience has been reduced from 4600 to 3500


* Nordic Berserker experience has been increased from 9500 to 10500
* Venom Recluse average melee damage has been decreased by 24%
* Crusaders now drop a new rare

We'll continue to adjust monsters and hunting grounds in order to promote maximum diversity!
Posted by GM Solus

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Jan 12 2014 02:21:03 - Seraph of Rebirth Fixed!
A very small update tonight.

The Seraph of Rebirth is now spawning as she should!

She was being lazy, but at the promise of luring adventurers to their doom, she has once again taken her post!
Posted by GM Eventide

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Jan 05 2014 14:30:35 - Experience rates increased!
Experience rates across the server have been increased! New players will have rates as high as 13x, while even high level players will maintain 9-7x rates based on level!
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Jan 05 2014 14:29:06 - The New Years Update is HERE!
The New Years Update is here at last!

New hunting grounds

* Explore the world to find 8 new fissures leading to Lunarium, the broken husk of Avia! Fight off deadly Epic monsters to get increased loot and faster levels!

* The Serpent Spawns near the great samurai mansion have expanded their reach, providing a larger hunting ground!

* Find the Dark Sailor to gain passage to several new early and midlevel hunting areas, including large Black Knight spawns and a secret island!

* Enjoy small improvements in many different areas to increase and streamline spawns and remove annoyances, such as machete tiles in Venom Recluses and more!

* Find the "human colocation device" to access over 30 different grapple areas!


That's right, it is finally time! Rebirth is back and better than ever! Seek out the Seraph of Rebirth, deep in the defeated Demon King's lair. Ask her to Rebirth, and for a cost you can return to a lower level and earn extremely powerful ranks! Each rank is worth 20 levels of power, and each rank is more expensive than the last. It makes it a blast to regain your levels as you fight through lower level areas decimating everything in your path!

Epic Monsters

Epic monsters now exist in the land! These monsters are easily ten times stronger than their standard counterparts, offering a vicious challenge! Seek these monsters out in Lunarium.

More Stuff

* Addon Jim is now available in Naratar! Visit him for information on how to get addons!

* Killing field licenses are now only available if you've already used up what you have, so login every day to use your license and earn a new one!

* Betrayed Wraith has had its based experience reduced from 36k to 29k, and its armor increased from 15 to 40.

Balance Changes

* Energy Beam has had its mana cost increased to 3% from a flat 80
* Great Energy Beam has had its mana cost increased to 5% from a flat 200

* Health regen has been reduced from 2.5% to 2.0%
* Ethereal Spear has had its mana cost increased to 2% from a flat 80
* Divine Missile has had its mana cost increased to 3% from 1%
* Divine Caldera has had its mana cost increased to 10% from 5%

* Health regen has been reduced to 1.3% from 1.7%
* Fierce Berserk now has 30% lower minimum damage (bigger range of damage)

* Melee damage has been increased by 16%
* Health regen has been increased to 2.5% from 1.9%
* Annihilation now costs 70 energy, down from 100, and its damage has been increased by 10%
* Lightning strike now generates 7 energy per cast, up from 6 (21 per second)

* Ranged damage has been increased by 8%

* Spell damage has been increased by 20%
* Ki Blast can now be cast twice a second, its energy reward remains the same per second, and the damage has been increased
* New spell: Chaos Blast, a slower version of Ki Blast that has very random damage and a chance to have enormous critical hits

* Healing has been increased by 20%
* Health gain has been increased to 8 per level, up from 7
* Benefit from armor has been increased by 11%
* Club skill has been increased to be usable (part 1 of some changes :)
Posted by GM Solus

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Jan 02 2014 23:14:22 - New Years Update Teaser!
Enjoy some teaser screenshots of the New Years Update! It's coming even sooner than you think!


What's new in this old hut?


Old places with new secrets.


A fissure? What's happened here?


And another one!


Cyclops mountain with a secret.



Somewhere dangerous.


What is this guy doing all the way out here?


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Dec 28 2013 12:30:51 - Massive New Years Sale!
Ring the in new year with an enormous pocketful of cupies! Until January 7th, we're having our biggest sale ever!

$4.99 for 90 cupies, $9.99 for 190 cupies, $19.99 for 400 cupies and more!

Stock up on cupies to prepare for our amazing New Years Update... our biggest update in over a year!
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Dec 20 2013 18:39:50 - Widespread power and cellular outage
Due to a huge power and cellular outage in the northern Virginia area, our server went down for approximately the last 24 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we're working to restore all running games as we speak.
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May 28 2013 21:50:25 - Unexpected Downtime
Sorry, about that, guys!

The server shut off unexpectedly, but its back up now!
Posted by GM Eventide

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